Innovation and environment-friendly cosmetics, Gi Picco’s is right on trend at Make Up in Paris 2018

Once again this year, Gi Picco’s took part in Make Up In Paris (June 21-22), Europe’s top exhibition for make-up brands in the world of B2B cosmetics. At the...

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21 May, 2018

Irene Inguaggiato: “Top Powder and Special Lines, our new entries at Cosmoprof 2018”

In this video interview, Gi Picco’s general manager Irene Inguaggiato talks about the latest products developed by the company and previewed at Cosmoprof 2018.     First up is...

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16 May, 2018

Interview with Irene Inguaggiato: “Natural ingredients and personalised make-up are the new trends in cosmetics”

In this video interview filmed at Cosmoprof 2018, Gi Picco’s general manager Irene Inguaggiato analyses trends in the cosmetics industry.     Inguaggiato highlights two main developments. On one...

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21 Mar, 2016


Natural Kit, Matt Kit and Daily Kit are the three new product kits for skincare, face, eyes and lips, created for women who are concerned about ingredients, romantic and...

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