23 Jun, 2018

Innovation and environment-friendly cosmetics, Gi Picco’s is right on trend at Make Up in Paris 2018

Once again this year, Gi Picco’s took part in Make Up In Paris (June 21-22), Europe’s top exhibition for make-up brands in the world of B2B cosmetics.

At the opening event on June 21, the main business reports for the industry were presented. The Middle East and China are the two most promising major markets for cosmetics firms, and natural products are currently the leading trendsetters. Consumer demand for vegan, green and/or organic cosmetics continues to grow, and on this front Gi Picco’s is at the cutting edge.

In fact, at the 2018 edition of Make Up in Paris, the focus of the Gi Picco’s exhibit was on its latest new entries, Top Powder and the Special Lines, which attracted great interest from some of the top names in world cosmetics.

Convinced by its success at the tradefair in Paris, Gi Picco’s has decided it will also take part in Cosmetic360, to be held in the French capital from October 17-18, 2018.


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