16 May, 2018

Interview with Irene Inguaggiato: “Natural ingredients and personalised make-up are the new trends in cosmetics”

In this video interview filmed at Cosmoprof 2018, Gi Picco’s general manager Irene Inguaggiato analyses trends in the cosmetics industry.



Inguaggiato highlights two main developments. On one hand, growing consumer attention to “good” and “healthy” beauty products is driving demand for cosmetics made with natural ingredients. On the other, there is greater focus on personalised make-up looks, geared to the needs of the individual client and often created directly in the store.

Gi Picco’s can respond to both trends. It meets demand for natural ingredients with its Special Lines range of make-up created with Cosmos-certified ingredients, free of parabens, heavy metals and ingredients of animal origin. As far as personalised make-up is concerned, Gi Picco’s highly flexible production operation is able to handle a wide variety of orders, including limited runs customised to meet individual requirements. This is particularly important for its most innovative products such as Top Powder, the make-up with three different shimmer strengths and a vast choice of colours to suit every skin type and any occasion.

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