22 Sep, 2017

Make Up in New York: innovation comes from the East Coast

With 3,100 visitors (an increase of more than 300 compared with the previous event)and 1,800 participants at the conferences and specialist panels, “Make Up in New York” has confirmed its position as one of the beauty world’s most dynamic showcases.

This year once again, Gi Picco’s was at this important event, held in the Big Apple from 19 to 20 September.

The heart of the Make Up in New York show was the “Innovation Tree”, a bronze tree installed at the centre of the exhibition hall to draw attention to the theme of innovation. On show in the area were products selected by a jury on the basis of their innovation content.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Gi Picco’s,” said company general manager Irene Inguaggiato. “We believe it’s essential to keep on updating and testing, and also to invest without fear. That’s why we felt particularly close to the theme of this year’s Make Up in New York. And of course the city has always been at the cutting edge of fashion and new trends, setting the pace for the rest of the world. That’s why we come here every year, not just to showcase our expertise, but also to listen, understand and reflect.”

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