18 Apr, 2018

Report from Cosmoprof Bologna 2018: Gi Picco’s previews its latest products

For the 51st consecutive year, Gi Picco’s was at Cosmoprof, the top international beauty and cosmetics tradeshow, where it announced two important new developments to customers from more than 30 countries: Top Powder and Special Lines.

Watch this short video report to find out more.



Top Powder is Gi Picco’s most advanced innovation. Produced with a hybrid technology, it is a “non-powder powder”, the result of more than a year of research and laboratory testing of the finest ingredients. Top Powder has a texture different to that of any other powder on the market and comes in a huge range of formats and colours. The new product was presented in two videos, as part of a special promotional campaign. The first video describes its versatility. The second video illustrates all the care and research that went into its development.

The Special Lines – Natural, Organic, Vegan, Mineral and Sensitive – are the cutting edge of Gi Picco’s research into sustainable organic ingredients, with cosmetics based on a formulation using Cosmos-certified substances free from additives, heavy metals and products of animal origin. The Special Lines are attracting great interest, reflecting consumers’ growing awareness of the importance of natural sustainable ingredients.

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