The code of ethics is one of the corporate social responsibility tools Gi Picco’s has decided to adopt. It reflects our company strategies and guides our daily activities.

Our credibility is based on tangible elements, starting with our close ties with the companies in the cosmetics sectors, whose product brands are household names and part of people’s daily lives.

The great trust our customers have placed in us for more than 50 years is our most valuable achievement.

We nurture that trust with a commitment to principles we consider essential in our work, which are at the heart of everything we do.


  • For the laws and industry regulations in Italy and in the countries where our products are marketed
  • For people: customers, employees, suppliers, partners
  • For the environment, the source of the natural resources that are critical to our activities and the place in which we live
  • For animals: we do not perform tests on animals and we choose suppliers who, in turn, certify that tests are not performed on animals.



  • To our workers
  • To our suppliers
  • To our customers and to end users
  • To the community in which we work and in which our production centres are located


The ethical principles underpinning our operations are responsibility: towards society first of all. We believe that the well-being of the individual depends on the well-being of their social environment.

Sustainability: Gi Picco’s adopts practices and procedures designed to conserve natural resources and reduce the consumption of raw materials and the production of climate-altering gases. As a manufacturer, Gi Picco’s is committed to producing goods with a low environmental impact and wherever possible uses eco-compatible materials and packaging that can be easily differentiated.

Transparency and integrity: not only are we committed to clear and open disclosure of our production processes, we have completed the relevant audits to obtain the following certifications:

GMP ISO 22716:2007

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

DIN EN 13432: 2000 Canada OTC Products

Our range also includes a COSMOS-Certified line of organic and natural products

We believe in ethical cosmetics made from natural ingredients, using only functional plant-sourced substances that are delicate and dermocompatible, in compliance with European, FDA and Japanese regulations.